Mission Statement

THE MISSION of the CALIFORNIA FOREST CONSERVATION FOUNDATION (CFCF) is to help improve the overall health, sustainability and climate resiliency of California forests by providing educational programs and services concerning conservation, management, health and fire safety to the general public.

Without limiting or restricting the foregoing general purposes, the corporation is organized for the following specific purposes:
(a)    To educate the general public about, promote, and assist in, active management of forests in the State of California in compliance with the California Forest Practice Regulations and best forestry practices.
(b)    To publicize the existence of and otherwise ensure access to quality forestry-related education programs and up-to-date science regarding forestry issues.
(c)    To conduct educational programs related to forestry such as forestry management, career opportunities, stewardship, funding sources, best practices, up-to- date science, and succession planning.
(d)    To develop and administer forestry management grant and scholarship programs.
(e)    To identify, create a database, and provide access to stewardship funding programs.
(f)    If donated to the corporation and accepted by the corporation, to preserve and manage ecologically significant undeveloped land, such as forest land, and either maintain the land itself for the benefit of the public with public access consistent with good preservation and management practices or transfer the land to a government conservation agency or other charitable 501(c)(3) organization with similar purposes to preserve and manage ecologically significant undeveloped land for the benefit of the public.