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2024 FLC Annual Meeting

Fuel Management to Protect Our Forests for the Future
May 3-4, Weed, CA

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THE MISSION of the CALIFORNIA FOREST CONSERVATION FOUNDATION (CFCF) is to help improve the overall health, sustainability and climate resiliency of California forests by providing educational programs and services concerning conservation, management, health and fire safety to the general public.


  • CHANGE our overstocked, vulnerable forests into healthy forests by using active forest management techniques such as mechanical and hand thinning and construction of fuel breaks.
  • WORK WITH the community of small private forest landowners that represent ownership of 25% of California’s forestlands by assisting with access to the funding for obtaining the necessary equipment and labor along with encouraging more biomass processing facilities as green businesses.
  • PROVIDE INFORMATION and upfront financial assistance to small forest landowners to access California’s massive forest resilience funding program to combat catastrophic forest fires.
  • ASSIST small forest landowners to access direct-to-landowner CA and Federal funding for their forest fuel reduction activities.

CFCF, as a non-governmental organization (NGO), can also provide landowners, who are willing to bundle with other landowners, a program that lets them tap into the new CalFire Wildfire Resilience Block Grants, as well as existing forest health and fire prevention “multi-stakeholder” grants  (for which NGOs but not individual landowners are eligible).


October 2022 Workshop Presenter Videos

View the presenter videos from an October 2022 workshop held in Eureka focused on state and federal grant-funded projects for fuels management for small landowners.

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